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Pregnant or a new mum? Are you suffering from back, muscle or joint pain? Are you feeling the physical effects of pregnancy or childbirth?

We can help!  

Bringing little ones into the world can be the most amazing experience ever. However for some pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can put a massive strain on your body. During pregnancy, hormonal changes, carrying the weight of your baby, alterations in posture and differences in walking take place over a short space of time. Delivery, breastfeeding and taking care of your new arrival can result in muscular and postural weaknesses, strains and low back pain. All this can add up to pain, discomfort and extra tiredness at any time throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Your body can often adapt and cope with these changes but sometimes it needs a little help to keep you feeling comfortable and pain free so that you can enjoy your pregnancy or give your new baby your full attention. This is where osteopathy can help.
In pregnancy osteopathy can help with:

• Sciatica
• Low back
• Mid back and neck pain

Post pregnancy: :
• Address post-pregnancy aches and pains
• Address postural changes
• Mobilise stiff joints to keep them healthy
• Help you regain your strength and flexibility
• Check and correct any remaining strains in the back to prevent future problems

The gentle nature of osteopathic treatment means that both pregnant women and very young babies can benefit. Osteopaths are regulated by the government and follow strict guidelines so you can be sure of the safety of both you and your baby.

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