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Migraine and headaches (neck related)

Headaches are extremely common but they can be worrying and interfere with our everyday life. There are many different causes of headaches such as muscle tension, restrictions in the neck, jaw dysfunction or irritated sinuses.

Neck-related (or ‘cervicogenic’) headaches (often referred to as tension headaches) account for about 70% of all headaches.  They can be caused by muscle strains/tension or loss of movement in the joints of the spine itself. Poor work posture in those people who spend long hours at a computer, or behind the wheel of a car, may also be a factor.

Migraine is not fully understood but is probably a complicated series of neural and vascular (circulatory) events. They are sometimes preceded by visual or sensory disturbance often described as an aura. Migraine can be triggered by certain foods.  They are usually, but not always, felt on one side of the head.

If you are experiencing migraines or tension headaches, then book an appointment today. We will undertake a full examination before determining the cause of your headache or migraine and what treatment may help. You may also be given postural advice as well as exercises & you may also be referred if necessary. We optionally incorporate acupuncture into our treatments at no extra cost.