Osteopathy and medical acupuncture in Northwood (covering Pinner, Ruislip, Rickmansworth, Eastcote, South Oxhey, Moor Park, Herts, Harefield, Middlesex), Braintree (covering Great Notley, Great Dunmow, Halstead, Stisted, Felstead, Stebbing) 

Call us:-
Suzanne Cooper on 07985 066528 or Braintree 01376 295001

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The initial consultation, which will last between 30-60 minutes, covers:

- Full case history including medical health and details of your present condition
- Examination including some orthopaedic and neurological clinical tests to work out what is causing your pain
- Diagnosis and treatment plan
- Treatment (unless referral elsewhere required)
- Advice for home management, exercises or stretching.

Subsequent appointments last up to 30 minutes, which allows enough time to give an appropriate amount of treatment.

We sometimes recommend further investigations, but only where clinically necessary and you will never received unnecessary treatment. 

What to wear:
In common with most osteopaths, we ask patients to undress down to (but not removing) their underwear at their first appointment. This is so that your posture and movements can be fully observed and any underlying causes of your pain can be detected ie to get you an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment.  Depending on which are is being treated, you may not have to fully undress for subsequent treatments.

If you are uncomfortable with undressing to your underwear, please wear very light, loose clothing and we will try to work around it. Wearing shorts or a vest (for women)may make you feel more comfortable. 

Female patients should avoid wearing sports bras if their upper neck or back are being treated.